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2021 News

Commissioners Respond to Gov. Wolf’s Call to Set 1A Vaccine Appointments

March 12, 2021

Media contact: Larry R. King, 215-348-6413, lrking@buckscounty.org

The Bucks County Commissioners this afternoon issued the following statement in response to Gov. Wolf’s call to schedule all 1A-eligible Pennsylvanians by March 28 for a vaccination appointment:

While Gov. Wolf’s goal of reliably scheduling appointments by March 28 for all 1A-eligible Pennsylvanians is admirable, the question remains of how to set the dates for those appointments.

It all depends on confirmed supplies of ample, incoming vaccine – something we have not yet received.

Like the governor, we share the frustrations of residents who have waited many weeks in vain for a vaccination appointment. But just scheduling a date does not assure when the vaccine will be there for them.  

Since mid-February, Bucks County has been prepared to administer many thousands more doses than the county has been provided for its vaccination clinics. This predicament, shared by our neighboring suburban counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has been well-publicized in recent days. As yet, it has not been resolved.  

Bucks County has more than 100,000 1A-eligible residents waiting for first-dose appointments. If we set those appointments now, what will happen to them if the Governor’s supply projections do not materialize?

Again, what Bucks County needs most in order to vaccinate its residents is supply. Just supply. Advance notice would help the County plan more effectively, and deliver vaccine more efficiently.

We expect to know more when the state informs us of the amount of vaccine we are to receive after March 22.

Bucks County intends to maintain its current vaccine scheduling plan until there is enough vaccine confirmed for delivery that our plan no longer is needed. We stand ready and eager to open all six of our county-funded vaccination sites, which are capable of vaccinating at least 15,000 residents per week.

Looking ahead, we await the details of the regional vaccination sites that Gov. Wolf today proposed.  Whatever course benefits our citizens the most – and gets them vaccinated the soonest – we are prepared to follow.  

Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, Bob Harvie and Gene DiGirolamo