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2020 News

County Parking Facilities to Begin Charging Fees Next Week

September 10, 2020

Contact: Larry R. King, 215-348-6413, lrking@buckscounty.org

Bucks County will begin charging fees to use its two large parking facilities in Doylestown Borough next week as a means of offsetting maintenance costs on the structures.

The pay-to-park plan will begin on Monday, September 14, at the two county-owned parking facilities at Broad and Union Streets and at Broad and Court Streets. The county’s approximately 1,300 Doylestown-based employees still will be able to park for free, and fees will be waived for all motorists on Sundays. 

The fees, which vary according to location, time of day and day of the week, are equal or less than those charged by Doylestown Borough for its metered parking.

The county facilities, which comprise 1,661 parking spaces, incur an estimated $222,000 in annual maintenance costs. Occasional upgrades add to that total, as was the case last year when a preventive maintenance project costing almost $1 million was completed on the 10-year-old Union Street garage. Proceeds from the parking fees will go toward those costs.

County workers who have been issued employee ID badges will be able to access parking at all hours by placing their badges against the entrance and exit kiosks of the lots.

Paid public parking will be available at all hours Monday through Saturday at the Union Street facility. The cost of parking there will be $1 per hour.

Parking fees at the Union Street garage may be paid with credit card or cash.

To pay by credit card, a motorist would insert the card at the entrance kiosk, receiving a paper parking ticket as the gate is raised for entry. Upon leaving, that motorist would insert the ticket into the exit kiosk, and then insert the same credit card to pay the amount displayed.

To pay with cash, a motorist would press a button on the entrance kiosk, taking a paper parking ticket as the gate is raised. Before attempting to exit, the paper ticket must be taken to a payment kiosk at the facility, where it is inserted, followed by the appropriate amount of cash (exact change is not required). The payment kiosk will return a validated ticket that can be inserted into the exit kiosk when departing. 

Both forms of payment will result in a paper receipt being issued.  At the new Administration Building parking facility at Broad and Court Streets, county employees only may park there from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Paid parking is available to the public at the Administration Building facility from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday morning through Friday night at a cost of 50 cents per hour.

On Saturdays, public parking will cost 50 cents per hour from midnight to 8 a.m., $1 per hour from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 50 cents from 5 p.m. to midnight.

Only credit cards can be used to pay for parking at the Administration Building parking facility.

The parking fee for anyone who loses a paper parking ticket from either facility will be $20.

Any county workers arriving without their employee ID badges will be required to obtain a paper parking ticket upon entry and to contact the Security Department to have the ticket validated before leaving the lot.

Some visitors on official business with the county and courts will be able to have their tickets validated, thus waiving their fees to park. Those eligible for validations include: 

  • People summoned to serve on jury duty
  • Police officers in uniform on official business with the District Attorney’s Office
  • Victims and witnesses summoned by the District Attorney’s Office
  • Police and other officials visiting the County Detectives regarding an active investigation or case
  • Clients and witnesses summoned by the Public Defender’s Office


    Validations are not authorized for:


  • Non-profit organizations
  • Personnel visiting the Justice Center to pick up or drop off evidence and/or subpoenas
  • Family members
  • General visitors and vendors