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2020 News

Bucks Averages 32 COVID Cases Over Past 3 Days; No Deaths Reported

August 13, 2020

Contact: Larry R. King, 215-348-6413, lrking@buckscounty.org

The Bucks County Health Department reported 96 COVID-19 cases – an average of 32 per day – over the past three days, with no new deaths and hospitalizations continuing to decline.

Twelve of the cases are delayed reports no longer considered to be infectious.

Of the 96 reported infections, 31 were infected through household contacts, 19 were attributed to community spread, 18 were infected out of state, five were infected at work, one is a long-term care facility resident, one is a jail inmate, one is a healthcare worker, and 20 were unable to be interviewed immediately.

The number of Bucks County residents hospitalized for coronavirus fell to 12, two of whom are in critical condition and on ventilators.

“The numbers have clearly come down now” since the July 4 holiday, said Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker. “We don’t know how far down they’re going to go, but we will have a baseline number of cases from people being out and about, and there will be a certain amount of transmission in the community. We’re just waiting to see what that baseline ends up being.”

Damsker called the drop in hospitalizations “really important,” and the daily fluctuations in case numbers less so.

“At one point we had 265 to 270 people in the hospital and dozens of people ventilated – 30 or 35 – and now we’re down to two,” he said. “Our overall hospitalization rate is as low as it has been since mid-March. That’s probably the most important indicator.”

Bucks County now has had 6,898 residents test positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic. A total of 515 deaths have been attributed to the virus, including 410 long-term care residents, while 6,014 are confirmed to have recovered.

The median age of those who have been infected in Bucks is 52, while the median age of death is 82.

Statistics, charts and other coronavirus-related information can be found on the county’s data portal: https://covid19-bucksgis.hub.arcgis.com.  An interactive Bucks County map showing numbers of active infections by municipality can be found here.

Unless there are significant new developments, the next Bucks County COVID update will be posted on Monday.

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