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2016 News

Warrant Sweeps Conducted in Two Areas of the County Apprehends 37 Wanted Subjects

December 12, 2016

For immediate release from the Office of the Bucks County Sheriff

The Bucks County Sheriff’s Office has conducted a series of warrant sweeps throughout the county which apprehended a total of 37 wanted subjects on Criminal and Domestic Relations Bench Warrants. The subjects apprehended on the Domestic Relations warrants owed over $128,000 in Child Support.

On December 1, 2016, Sheriff’s deputies conducted a warrant sweep concentrating on the upper end of Bucks County. This action apprehended 10 subjects wanted on Criminal and Domestic Warrants.

On December 12, 2016, Sheriff’s deputies, assisted by officers from Bristol Township, Middletown Township and Falls Township police departments, conducted a sweep concentrating on the lower end of the county. This action resulted in the apprehension of 27 subjects wanted on Criminal Bench Warrants and Domestic Relations warrants. Some of the subjects had both Criminal Bench warrants and Domestic Relations warrants.

“These random warrant sweeps will continue throughout Bucks County” said Bucks County Sheriff Edward “Duke” Donnelly. “These types of concentrated sweeps will continue throughout the County, either by deputies or in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. It is a win-win situation for the Citizens of Bucks County” Donnelly said. “I would like to thank the Bristol Twp, Falls Twp, and Middletown Township Police Departments for their cooperation today that made this sweep a huge success. As I said before, if you have a warrant for your arrest, turn yourself in. We will not stop looking for you and will be knocking on your door soon. If you have information on anyone wanted by the Sheriff’s Office, call the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office at 215-348-6124 and your information will remain confidential.”

Arrested for Domestic Warrants and amounts owed were:

John Hager  Richlandtown, PA   $3,138
 James Eichner Quakertown, PA  $22,250 
Joe Thomas  Levittown, PA  $15,062 
Steven McIlvane  Levittown, PA  $7,066 
Mark Rowell  Levittown, PA  $2,767 
Frederick Dixon^ Levittown, PA  $10,375 
Robert Durringer  Levittown, PA  $4,879 
John Revell  Bristol, PA  $5,334
Eric Swingler Levittown, PA  $10,318 
Brian Keiluhn^  Levittown, PA  $4,048 
Jamie Baxter  Fairless Hills, PA  $42,963 
^Also had Criminal Bench Warrant 

Arrested on Criminal Bench Warrants were:

David Nagel Telford, Pa 
Crystal Edmonds Perkasie, Pa
Corey Clymer Perkasie, Pa
Daniel Raymond Perkasie, Pa
Caitlyn Kaspar Quakertown, Pa
Vicky Fly Perkasie, Pa
Anthony Schaffer Richlandtown, Pa
Charles Gischel Upper Black Eddy, Pa
Jacob Day Langhorne, Pa
James Hutchinson Langhorne, Pa
Anthony Lapinski Langhorne, Pa
Sean Walsh Levittown, Pa
Harry Stellato Levittown, Pa
Jason Meyer Levittown, Pa
Timothy McGrogan Levittown, Pa
Cortney Hill Levittown, Pa 
Alicia Thierry Levittown, Pa 
Louis Peggs Bristol, Pa 
Michael Perfidio Bristol, Pa 
Patty Shedaker Levittown, Pa 
Kelly Baxter Levittown, Pa 
Edward Swinnerton Fairless Hills, Pa 
James Codispoti Levittown, Pa 
Jacqueline, Redner Levittown, Pa
David Reil Langhorne, Pa