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2016 News

Michael Gallagher Takes Oath of Office as Bucks County Controller

July 28, 2016

Michael J. Gallagher taking the Oath of Office, for the Office of ControllerA long-anticipated transition in Bucks County government took place on the morning of Wednesday, July 27 inside the Justice Center Courtroom 410. Former Newtown Township Supervisor Michael Gallagher recited the oath of office of County Controller from the Hon. Raymond F. McHugh, Esq., who previously served as County Controller. Holding the Holy Bible during the ceremony were Mr. Gallagher’s parents.

Mr. Gallagher was nominated for the office by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and vetted by the Governor’s bipartisan review committee on nominations. He was confirmed by the Pennsylvania State Senate on July 13, 2016.

“This is a big event,” Judge McHugh said, also extending congratulations from the judges of the Court of Common Pleas and President Judge Jeffrey L. Finley. “Mr. Gallagher is the first row officer sworn in in this courtroom and in this building. His bi-partisan support is a testament to his qualifications and his character.”

Commissioner Chairman Robert Loughery speaks at the Swearing-In CeremonyBucks County Commissioner Chairman Robert G. Loughery led the Pledge of Allegiance and hailed “an important day for Bucks County. This has been a long time in the making, and good things some to those who wait. The commissioners also would like to thank (Acting Controller) Kim Doran, who has served the county very well during his waiting period.”

Mr. Gallagher, a senior software engineer with extensive experience in finance and systems design and management, served as a Newtown Township supervisor from 2007 until the present. “This is where IT (Information Technology) meets finance,” Chairman Loughery added. “I know your private sector experience will serve county residents well.”

The Bucks County Controller position was vacant from the time Judge McHugh left the office in March, 2015 until Mr. Gallagher was sworn to fill it.

The handshake of Controllers - Judge Ray McHugh, former Controller and Michael J Gallagher, new ControllerThe Controller is the County’s chief financial officer and chief auditor, exercising general supervision and control over the county's financial affairs. The Controller sits on the retirement board, salary board and prison oversight board. He is the final, independent check on the fiscal activities of the executive and legislative branches of county government as well as the independently elected officers and courts.

New Controller, Right, with Judge Ray McHugh, and Mr, and Mrs. Gallagher, the Controllers' parents, left.