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2016 News

Bucks County Health Department Reports First Positive Zika Case Involving County Resident

July 7, 2016

The Bucks County Department of Health today was notified of the first positive case of the Zika virus involving a county resident. Health Director Dr. David Damsker confirms that the case involved a resident who recently traveled to a Caribbean location and returned to Bucks County after an undisclosed length of stay. The individual has recovered fully at this time, according to Dr. Damsker.

“This positive case does not elevate the risk of contracting Zika for any of the residents of Bucks County,” Dr. Damsker said. “There is no risk of local transmission as a result of this one individual.”

Information about awareness of the Zika virus is available through a link on the home page of the official County website, www.BucksCounty.org.