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2016 News

For Immediate release on Behalf of the Bucks County Sheriff's Office - Warrant Sweep

February 18, 2016

For Immediate release on behalf of the Bucks County Sheriff's Office
February 18, 2016
                                     ***PRESS RELEASE*** PRESS RELEASE***

On Thursday February 18, 2016, members of the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office joined forces with officers from Bristol Township, Falls Township and Morrisville Borough Police Departments along with assistance from the Philadelphia County Sheriff’s Office. Armed with Criminal Bench Warrants and Domestic Relations Bench Warrants, deputies and officers fanned out at 5 AM in the Levittown, Bristol and Morrisville areas apprehending 29 wanted subjects.          

As of this release, eight (8) subjects wanted on Domestic Relations Warrants have been apprehended, owing a total of $ 171,327.47 in back Child Support. A total of 21 subjects were apprehended on Criminal Bench Warrants.    

"This is a continued and cooperative effort between the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office and local Police Departments” said Bucks County Sheriff Edward “Duke” Donnelly. “These types of concentrated sweeps will continue throughout the County in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. It is a win-win situation for the citizens of Bucks County” Donnelly said. “I would like to thank Bristol Twp. Police, Falls Twp. Police, Morrisville Borough Police and the Philadelphia County Sheriff’s Office for their cooperation today that made this sweep a huge success. As I said before, if you have a warrant for your arrest, turn yourself in. We will not stop looking for you and will be knocking on your door soon” 

Arrested today for Domestic Warrants and amounts owed were: 

Anthony Moschitti, Bristol, Pa   $8,865.57
Ronald Mucci, Bristol, Pa          $5,755.31
Richard Griffin, Levittown, Pa    $7,147.42
Amie Smith, Croydon, Pa          $3,982.21
Elizabeth Hummel, Bristol, Pa   $3,038.79
Francisco Torres, Levittown, Pa  $105,896.40
William Maestre, Levittown, Pa   $554.96 (also had Criminal Bench Warrant)
Michael Nagle, Levittown, Pa        $11,445.93

Arrested on Criminal Bench Warrants were:
Nicholas Lautz, Levittown, Pa
Jonathan Rivera, Bristol, Pa
Ameena Rogers, Bristol, Pa
Daryl Smith,  Bristol, Pa
Lora Paone, Penndel, Pa
Andrew Hood, Levittown, Pa
Krista Marguerit Sivils, Morrisville, Pa
Pedro Chan, Morrisville, Pa
Phillipe Louis, Morrisville, Pa
Douglas Rush, Fairless Hills, Pa
David Bullaro, Fairless Hills, Pa
Robert Schnepp, Levittown, Pa
Lynn Pepe, Levittown, Pa
Delonte Reeves, Levittown, Pa
Michael Kerwin, Croydon,Pa
Cary Fisher, Levittown, Pa
Sherry Kane, Levittown, Pa
Kathryn Stewart, Croydon, Pa
Ronika Jones, Croydon, Pa
Anthony Loher, Croydon, Pa
Christopher, Bryant, Bristol, Pa