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Health Services

Bucks County Health Department

Main -- Bureau of Personal Health and Public Health Preparedness -- Bureau of Environmental Health

Bureau of Environmental Health

School Sanitation

Arthur Carlson, B.S., C.P.S.S., Program Coordinator

The Department ensures through annual inspection that water supply and other environmental concerns for all public and certain private and parochial schools within Bucks County are in compliance with PA Code, all appropriate State Regulations, and applicable Department Regulations. For all schools within Bucks County with a food service, the Department will also inspect for compliance with the "Bucks County Department of Health Rules and Regulations for Conducting and Operating Food Facilities". The Department responds to complaints, such as on-site sewage malfunction, refuse and garbage, and health nuisances of concern to schools. All food services in schools will be licensed by this Department. 
  ADM-71 2020 Fee Schedule

  School-Rules and Regulations

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  Integrated pest management Plan Sample Checklist  SA-113A 

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