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Health Services

Bucks County Health Department

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Bureau of Environmental Health

Recreation Area Sanitation

Arthur Carlson, B.S., C.P.S.S., Program Coordinator

The Bucks County Department of Health has determined that Public Bathing Places and Organized Camps may open in the Yellow designation of the Governor’s Order.  In order to open in this designation, the facility should make their usual checks with the local municipality for any additional requirements, and may want to discuss the ramifications of opening with their insurance carrier.  Finally, please review the attached guidance for safe opening, and incorporate and/or add it to your own plan.  Submit that plan for review to this Department, along with the application and fee, for your operating Certificate of Registration. 

Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Summer Camps 2020 COVID

BCDH Guidelines for Outdoor Pool Operations 2020 COVID (002)

Addendum Interim Guidance for Schools and Day Camps (COVID 5-28-2020)

Attention: Public Bathing and Camp/Campground Owners/Operators
Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the status of the upcoming bathing place and camp/campground season is unknown.

If you have a year-round bathing place or camp/campground facility that is in continuous operation, please submit your application and fee upon receipt.

For seasonal only bathing place and camp/campground facilities, you are not required to submit your application and fee at this time. When the Stay-At-Home order is lifted and you are preparing to open your facility for operation, please remit your application and fee at that time. Please check the Bucks County website for updated information.

The Department inspects and permits all organized camps and campgrounds, and inspects recreational areas (parks) to ensure that they are constructed, operated and maintained in accordance with approved regulations and to protect public health and safety. 

Complaints regarding the Recreation Area Sanitation Program may be submitted either written (form SA-2) or by telephone. Telephone complaints should be made to the nearest District Office.

Camp Rules and Regulations

ADM-71 2020 Fee Schedule

Application for Campground Permit (SA-60)

SA-26 Non-Food Plan Review Application

Bucks County Health Department
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