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Bucks County COVID-19 Vaccine Information Portal

COVID-19  Vaccination Pre-Registration
Pre-Registration is currently open to all those in Phase 1A, 1B and 1C. Practice/Business/Individual must operate and/or live in Bucks County, PA.

COVID-19 Testing Locations

COVID-19 Map of Testing Sites

Testing Locations by Area,
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A message from the Health Department:

The Bucks County Health Department will be available to take your COVID-19 related calls 8:00 to 4:00 Monday – Friday and limited hours on Saturday at 215-345-3318. Please limit calls to this line for those from the public who have been directed to call regarding isolation or quarantine, medical professionals, healthcare workers and COVID-19 specific calls or department related business.You may also email COVID19@buckscounty.org for the below:

  • No one should be calling or emailing the Health Department if you are experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, that is a call to 911 or call and/or go to the nearest ER for evaluation.
  • If you are calling because you think you should be tested please call your Primary Care Physician, THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT DOES NOT DO TESTING.
  • If you are looking for case numbers and more specific information go to https://covid19-bucksgis.hub.arcgis.com/

The Health Department CANNOT answer calls regarding:

9-4-2020 Isolation vs Mod Quarantine (003)

Important Phone Numbers:

COVID-19 Information Hotline: 

#1 - Bucks County Health Department
#2 - Bucks County Consumer Protection
#3 - Community and Economic Development
#4 - Bucks County Housing and Human Services

Additional Community Resources:
Area Agency on Aging:
Bucks County General Number:
Bucks County Social Complaints
(for citizen complaints not related to businesses or other identified priorities): 215-328-8500

COVID-19: Guidance for Pet Owners

Planning For Your Pets during COVID-19

Bucks County Department Contact Directory


When and why to call the Bucks County Health DepartmentCoronavirus (COVID-19) Information 

What is a "Close Contact"?

As COVID-19 Cases Reach Critical Levels, Wolf Admin Announces New Mitigation Efforts

Please check with your respective school district for specific guidance on COVID-19 information

Food Establishments:
Current Bucks County Department of Health Guidelines for Food Establishments (10/02/20)

Bucks County Department of Health Requirements for Outdoor Seating at Food Facilities (10/02/20) 

Guidelines for Faith Based Organizations 

Guidance for Bucks County Personal Care Businesses in the Green Phase 

How to determine what is considered a life-sustaining businessCounty Updates:

  • Bucks County Seniors can call 267-880-5700 for assistance, as well as information on services such as meal delivery and independent care. This number is answered Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. After hours and weekends, seniors and their caregivers can leave a message and the Area Agency on Aging will return the call. 
  • Effective 03/10/20, Neshaminy Manor is closed to visitors due to the COVID-19 virus, with the exception of family visits by appointment. This includes all entertainers and groups that come for official events.  In addition, all resident sponsored trips (Walmart/VFW's/etc.) have been suspended at this time. Thank you for your understanding.
  • On the advice of the Bucks County Department of Health and suggestion from the State Department of Corrections, Bucks County’s prisons have closed to most visitors, including volunteers involved in community programs offered at the prison. Any prisoners admitted with cold- or flu-like symptoms will be isolated and the Health Department will be contacted for followup. Only essential vendors and contractors such as food, healthcare and legal professionals will be admitted. More information can be found on the Corrections page.
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Additional Information can be found in the below locations:

PA Department of Health Media Page for updates to the virus: 

PA Department of Health Coronovirus Situation Summary:  

Latest Updates from the CDC: 

CDC's Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19: 

Share Facts, Stop Fear - CDC addresses Common Misconceptions:

World Health Organization (WHO) - Information on Coronvirus Disease (COVID-19):

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Face Coverings - CDC

Bucks County News on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Commissioners to Public: Second Wave of COVID Requires Masking Up

November 10, 2020

Contact: Larry R. King, 215-348-6413, lrking@buckscounty.org

As the region faces a second wave of COVID-19 and record numbers of new infections, the Bucks County Commissioners are challenging residents to ramp up mask-wearing and social distancing as the best means of blunting the increased numbers.

“Here we go again, but maybe it’s a little tougher this time,” said Commissioners’ Chair Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia at a Tuesday morning news conference. Unlike last spring, when COVID cut a deadly swath through long-term care facilities, “it’s the general public that’s been having trouble” with new infections in recent weeks, she said.

The commissioners spoke to reporters in the wake of an unprecedented spike that saw new COVID infections increase by 79 percent last week over the previous week, to a record average of 118 cases per week. That trajectory has continued this week, with 530 new cases reported over the past three days, a daily average of 177. ppe 11.10.2020

Marseglia and fellow commissioners Bob Harvie and Gene DiGirolamo laid the blame not on schools, businesses or restaurants, where spread is not occurring, but rather on lax personal behavior as residents grow weary of mask-wearing and restrictions on social events and gatherings.

Harvie cited examples such as a Halloween party attended by high school students that led to a recent outbreak. Other county residents have been infected due to such things as weddings, lunch gatherings with co-workers and a high school team that threw a party to celebrate a big win, causing another outbreak, he said.

“All of us are tired of wearing masks,” Harvie said. “We’re tired of the interruptions to everything we had planned. We’re tired of postponing graduation parties and weddings and other events.”

As a result, he said, “we’re definitely seeing this COVID fatigue and the impact it’s having on our numbers.” He challenged the public to “keep wearing the mask, keep following social distancing, keep up the discipline that … helped get the numbers down, because they’re going up again.”ppe 11.10.2020-2

DiGirolamo noted that hospitalizations and deaths from COVID remain at low levels compared to the increases in new cases, indicating that widespread infections have not yet beset nursing homes, but are prevalent instead among younger people. “We still have to be careful. We still have to use common sense; the virus is still out there,” he said.

None of the commissioners called for increased restrictions on restaurants or other businesses, saying that business owners and schools are doing an excellent job of enforcing masking and distancing, and are not responsible for the increases.

The spikes are not unique to Bucks County. The Pennsylvania Department of Health on Tuesday reported a record of 4,361 new cases and 62 deaths, the most in one day since June 5. Nationally, COVID hospitalizations hit an all-time high Tuesday, with almost 62,000 coronavirus patients in hospitals across the United States.

Five deaths have been reported in Bucks County since Oct. 30, and jammed hospitals have not afflicted the area this fall. Bucks County Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker attributed the lower death rate to earlier intervention with more effective treatments as physicians become more familiar with COVID-19.

Damsker said his contact tracers, faced with unprecedented numbers of new cases, have had to prioritize their efforts, focusing first on protecting vulnerable elderly residents and preventing spread in schools. “In the end, I think it’s going to come down to the public and education and people following the rules about masking and not having public gatherings,” he said. scott 11.10.2020

The news conference was held outside the Bucks County Emergency Services warehouse in Doylestown Township, where the county is in the midst of a three-day distribution of hundreds of thousands of personal protective equipment items to townships.

Emergency Services Director Scott T. Forster said the county has prepared for the COVID resurgence by acquiring about 200,000 N95 masks, 300,000 surgical masks, 50,000 disposable hospital gowns and 3.5 million disposable gloves. Municipal vehicles rumbled through the warehouse, loaded with PPE for distribution to first responders, long-term care facilities, medical facilities and other recipients.

“Our planning efforts are starting to rise as our cases start to rise,” Forster said, adding that the county has provided training and guidance to nursing homes and personal care homes in addition to PPE shipments. “We’re doing all of this planning so that if we see additional hospitalizations or we see additional spread in our custodial care facilities, we’re prepared.”


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