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Recording and Minutes for May 6, 2020 Commissioners' Meeting

Audio of the May 6, 2020 Bucks County Commissioners' Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Special Message About the May 6, 2020 Commissioners' Meeting Live-stream

Thank you for tuning in to the May 6th Commissioners’ meeting.  Your  interest in our public meetings validates my long-standing support for greater transparency and public access to the important work of Bucks County government.  That’s why I spent years, as a minority Commissioner, advocating for state-of-the-art technology that would broadcast our meetings to all parts of the County in real time.  That’s why one of my first directives upon being elected Chair of the Board of Commissioners was for our team to build such an infrastructure within the limitations of the budget passed by the last administration.  Our staff was working on that mission when the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly hit Bucks County, and my directive to upgrade our system took on a new urgency.

After declaring a disaster emergency, in accordance with recently enacted legal requirements, we established an email address that permits the public to participate in our Commissioner meetings.  And we decided to do more, providing, for the first time ever, live-streaming on Facebook with an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.  This supplemental access, using an outdated system, has been very well received – until today, when Facebook’s platform extensively botched the audio of the meeting.  Fortunately, our system of receiving and providing the Board with public comment via e-mail continued to work, the ASL interpreter signed the entire meeting on video, and the attached audio recording captured the meeting in its entirety.  But those viewers who listened live would have had a frustrating experience.  To those viewers, please know that I hear your complaints, I apologize the inconvenience, and I resolve to create additional safeguards to address this problem if it occurs again.

I am so proud of the important work that we accomplished today, I am so grateful for your participation, and I remain honored to serve as your Commissioner.  Please stay safe out there.

Diane M Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW
Bucks County Commissioner