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The Clerk of Courts Office issues Private Detective Licenses


Application for a Private Detective License requires the following:

Two complete Petitions (1 original and 1copy).
One set of complete fingerprint cards for each individual.
A second set of fingerprint cards and a check for $17.50 made payable to "Commonwealth of PA".
A check for $11.00 made payable to Clerk of Courts.
Two (passport size)  photos.  

Application Process follows:

The Court of Common Pleas will review the application.
If the application is approved the applicant must secure a $10,000 Surety Bond and submit it to the Court for approval.
If the Surety Bond is approved, the applicant will file the Bond and will then be issued the Private Detective license and I.D. cards.


Filing fees:
Initial - $54.00 ($49.00 plus $5.00 automation fee)
Renewal - $20.00. 

In addition to the filling fee, a License Fee is due upon the approval.

License fees (Initial):
Individual- $200.00  (Issued for 2 yrs.)
Partnerships and Corporations - $300.00  (Issued for 2 yrs.)

License fees (Renewal):
Individual- $300.00  (Issued for 3 yrs.)
Partnerships/Corporations - $450.00  (Issued for 3 yrs.)

Office of The Clerk of Courts
Brian Munroe, Clerk of Courts
Michael J. Paston, 1st Deputy
Christina M. Finello, Solicitor
Bucks County Justice Center
100 North Main Street
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 
Phone: 215 348-6389
Fax: 267-885-1371