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130 E Swamp Rd
Doylestown, PA 18901
Until further notice, the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works is open for visitation daily by appointment only by phoning 215-348-6090. Please go to the Main Moravian Pottery and Tile Works page for more information.

Moravian Pottery & Tile Works

Matheus - Matthew
Marcus - Mark
Lucas - Luke
Iohanni - John

The Evangelist Tiles   $17.75 each

In March of 2014, Pennsylvania Governor and his First Lady traveled to the Vatican and presented a special gift to Pope Francis.  The gift was four Evangelist tiles produced by the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works.  First Lady Corbett chose them as they were a simple gift appropriate for a humble Pope who is accessible and unassuming.  She also chose them for their connection to the PA State Capitol building whose floor has Moravian Tiles illustrating the history, flora, and fauna of Pennsylvania.

In preparation for the  Pope’s attendance at the  World Family Conference in Philadelphia this September, the Tile Works is arranging  panels of the Four Evangelists  conjoined by a Greek cross , both with and without a Maltese cross border as illustrated.  The source for the Evangelist designs is an ancient Romanesque 12th century hand bell from Reims, France.   Various reproductions of Evangelist bells were sold throughout Europe as souvenirs in the 19th century, some still being made today.  Fonthill has in its collection a souvenir reproduction of the bell that Henry Mercer acquired.

The Evangelist tiles, and all other tiles produced by the Moravian Tile Works, are made from local Bucks County red clay.  

Call or write us to order your tiles, we tend to have stock of them in Blue, Green, and Black Underglaze as well as our matt Blue Slip, but we can make them in any of our standard colors.  They are also available as a lovely plaque suitable for hanging.
Evangelist Plaque,  nominal 12x12,  $96.55   pictured above in unglazed matt blue slip mounted in cement with hook for hanging.

From "Military & Religious Life from the Middle Ages and at the Period of the Renaissance" by Paul Lacroix, London, Chapman & Hall, Piccadilly 1874  

Google Books Source
The source for the designs is an ancient 12th century hand bell from Rheims, France.  Henry Mercer owned a reproduction of this bell.

A larger,and more ornate 15" x 15" plaque framed with plain tile and a maltese cross at each corner is available for 169.95, pictured left in our satin gloss black underglaze with cream framed with unglazed plain tiles.

All sizes listed above are approximate and vary from piece to piece.