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Consumer Protection

Consumer Tips

Choosing Professionals: Attorneys, Doctors and Pharmacists

Questions to ask before you hire an attorney

  • What is your experience in this field?

  • Have you handled matters like mine?

  • What are the possible outcomes of my case?

  • What are my alternatives in resolving the matter?

  • Approximately how long will it take to resolve?

  • Do you recommend mediation or arbitration?

  • What are your rates and how often will you bill me?

  • What is a ballpark figure for the total bill, including fees and expenses?

  • How will you keep me informed of progress?

  • What kind of approach will you take to resolve the matter - aggressive and unyielding; or

  • Will you be more inclined to reach a reasonable settlement?

  • Who else in the office will be working on my case?

  • Can junior attorneys or paralegals in the office handle some of the administrative work at a lower rate?

Questions to ask your Doctor

  • Please explain my medical problem/condition.

  • When can I expect to feel better?

  • Is it curable?

  • What can I do to improve my condition?

  • Is there a treatment other than medication that might be effective?

  • What is the name of the prescription?

  • Why is it necessary for me to take it?

  • Is there a generic brand that would be as effective?

  • How much do you want me to take and when?

  • Will this interfere with other medications that I am taking?

  • What side effects can be caused by this medicine?

  • What should I do if I experience side effects?

  • How long do I have to take this?

  • Have you written out the directions to be placed on the label?

  • When do you want to see me again?

Questions to ask your Pharmacist?

  • Are there possible side effects that come with using this?

  • Are there foods or beverages I should avoid while taking this?

  • Can I drink alcohol whil taking this?

  • Are there any drug interactions possible between the medications I currently take?

  • What are the possible effects from using this drug on a long term basis?

  • Can you give me any written information about this this drug?

  • Can this medication make me drowsy or interfere with my ability to drive an automobile or operate machinery?

  • Can you put non-safety caps on my medication bottles?

  • Can this prescription be refilled? How many time?

  • What are generic drugs?

  • Is there a generic equivalent that you would recommend?


  • Are there possible side effects that can come with using this?

  • Are there any foods or beverages I should avoid while taking this?

  • Can I drink alcohol while taking this?

  • Will this interfere with the prescriptions and other over-the-counter medications I take?

  • Can this medications make me drowsy or interfere with my ability to drive a car or operate machinery?

  • Will this medication interfere with any existing medical condition such as glaucoma, diabetes, ulcers or hypertension?


MAKE SURE YOUR PHARMACIST IS AWARE OF ALL MEDICATION YOU ARE TAKING AND USING. This includes over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications and topical medication.