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Metric Information Advice to the Consumer

  • Buy solid commodities by weight or dry measure rather than by count, whenever possible.
  • Check the unit price (price per pound, per quart, etc.) of what you buy.
  • Learn to read scale and meter indications, and make sure you watch the weighing and measuring of your purchases.
  • On unit-priced items, make sure you are paying the correct price for the quantity received.
  • Package size can be deceptive. Read and compare labeled quantities in relation to price.
  • Demand accurate weight and measure in your purchase in the same way you would demand accurate change from the cashier.
  • Use the scales that some stores provide to check the weights of your purchases.
  • Become acquainted with your local or state weights and measures department, and consult them if in doubt on any weights and measures questions.
  • Report suspected inaccuracies or violations of weights and measures laws and regulations to your local or state weights and measures office.

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Department of Consumer Protection / Weights and Measures 
Michael D. Bannon, 
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55 E. Court Street, 2nd Floor
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