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Human Services

Children and Youth Social Services Agency

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An Overview of Agency Services

Intake/Information and Referral
Initial inquiries to the Bucks County Children & Youth Social Services Agency are received by a professional social worker in the agency's intake office. The function of the intake social worker is to take the report, assess initial risk to the child, respond immediately in cases of emergencies involving the child, and if appropriate, provide information and referrals to the family.

If it is determined that social services involving a child under age 18 are needed, the intake worker will refer the family to one of the agency's specialized services.

Child Protective Services
Specific allegations of child abuse (physical-sexual-emotional) are investigated by an agency social worker. All investigations are handled within the guidelines of Pennsylvania's child protective services law and in a timely and professional manner with regard to the best interests of the child and the family.

At the completion of the investigation, if further social services are warranted, the agency will assist the family in locating the appropriate resources and will continue to provide ongoing general protective services.

Adolescent Services
Adolescent services are available to families experiencing ongoing conflict with children ages 12-17. Services are provided to the entire family by experienced caseworkers who work solely with this population.

General Protective Services
General protective services are provided to families who are in need of ongoing social services support and unable to maintain a minimal level of medical care supervision, and/or education for their children. The agency helps families find resources surrounding such issues as: housing, drug/alcohol treatment, mental health treatment, parent education, and family counseling.

The agency's goal is to provide these services to help and protect children while keeping the family together. Court action may be necessary to protect children who are dependent as defined by Pennsylvania's juvenile act.

Placement Services
Children come into foster care placement in cases where they are in imminent danger of abuse or neglect and all other efforts to prevent placement have been unsuccessful. Children may be placed with relatives, in a foster home, group home, or residential facility, depending on the needs of the child.

When placement occurs, the agency's goal is to plan for the return of the child to the family as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services
The agency is available for emergency services during non-business hours and may be contacted through the Emergency Services Non-Emergency police radio room number: 888-245-7210 Ext. 21.

Efforts are made to work with the family to remove the risk to the child in order to ensure a safe return to the family. Supportive services continue to be provided to the family after a child is reunited with the family.

In cases where a child is unable to return to the family, BCCYSSA seeks to find a permanent home for the child, either through relatives or adoption.

Other Services
The agency provides a variety of other services to children and their families. If you have questions about these services, or if you are interested in becoming an agency volunteer or foster parent, please contact the Bucks County Children & Youth Social Services Agency at 215-348-6900.

Working Together To Keep Families Together

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*Request to speak to Intake Service at extension 6950 or to your social worker*

Bucks County Children and Youth Social Services Agency: The Agency with the official regulatory responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of children in Bucks County.

Bucks County Children and 
Youth Social Services Agency 

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