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Bucks County Capital Projects

Bucks County government is in the midst of an unprecedented time of physical, progressive change. Throughout the past year, county officials have diligently streamlined services and facilities to maximize efficiency for taxpayers. With the opening of the Justice Center and the current rehabbing of the Administration building, the final pieces of the county's "physical face lift" are falling into place. Besides the Justice Center and parking garage, work has been done on Churchville Nature Center, the Correctional Facility and a number of bridges, and new buildings have been constructed for the Morgue, Emergency Operations Center, Upper Bucks Government Services Center and the Bucks County Fire School Burn Building. 

Bucks County Administration Building Re-Use Project

Bucks County Justice Center

Bucks County Parking Garage

 Emergency Services Center Completed October 15, 2008

 Upper Bucks Gov't Services/District Court Comp: Oct 1, 2008

 BC Fire School Burn Building Completed July 1, 2008

 Bucks County Morgue: Completed October 2007

 Prison Expansion: Completed June 2007


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