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David P. Boscola, Director

The Finance Department is responsible for providing sound financial advice to the Board of Commissioners in all matters pertaining to the fiscal affairs of the County. The Finance Department prepares the Annual Operating Budget and presents it to the Commissioners for their review and approval. They act as the Commissioners designated agents in reviewing and approving all purchases, requisitions for all supplies, services and capital. The Finance Department coordinates the preparation of the County's annual audit with the County's Independent Auditor and the preparation of the Central Services Cost Allocation Plan with the County's consultant.

2021 Final Budget

2021 Public Budget Hearing

2021 Preliminary Budget

2020 Final Budget

2020 Final Budget Summary

2020 Final Budget Detail

2020 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Meeting Presentation 12/04/19

Public Budget Meeting Audio 12/04/19

2019 Final Budget

2019 Final Budget Summary

2019 Final Budget Detail

2019 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Meeting (Audio) 11/28/18

2018 Final Budget

2018 Final Budget Summary

2018 Final Budget Detail

2018 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Meeting (Audio) 11/29/17

Public Budget Meeting Presentation

2017 Final Budget 
2017 Final Budget Summary  2017 Final Budget Detail 
2017 Preliminary Budget  Public Budget Hearing Audio, November 22, 2016 
Complete 2016 Final Budget Summary  Complete 2016 Final Budget Detail 
2016 Final Budget  2016 Preliminary Budget  
2016 Public Budget Meeting Presentation 12-02-15  2016 Public Budget Meeting Audio 
Complete 2015 Final Budget Summary  Complete 2015 Final Budget Detailed 
 2015 Final Budget 
2015 Preliminary Budget  Preliminary Budget Release Meeting Audio 11-26-14 
2015 Public Budget Meeting Presentation  2015 Public Budget Meeting Presentation Audio 12-02-14 
Complete 2014 Final Budget Summary Complete 2014 Final Budget Detailed
2014 Final Budget 2014 Preliminary Budget
2014 Public Budget Hearing Presentation
Complete 2013 Final Budget Summary
Complete 2013 Final Budget Detailed
2013 Final Budget
2013 Preliminary Budget
2013 Public Budget Meeting Presentation
2009 Final Budget


General Obligation Bonds, Series of 2011

Finance Office
David Boscola, Director
County Administration Building
55 E. Court Street, 3rd Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-348-6564
Fax: 215-348-6227