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The Do's and Don'ts of Water Conservation


DO take shorter showers & save 3-5 gallons every minute.

DON'T run the water while shaving, washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Faucets use 2-3 gallons/minute.

DO fill the tub halfway & save 10-15 gallons.

DON'T flush the toilet unnecessarily.

DO install water-saving toilets, shower heads & faucet aerators. Place a plastic bottle filled with water in your toilet tank if you can't switch to a low flow toilet.




DO run the dishwasher & washing machine only when they are full. Save even more water by using the short cycle.

DON'T let the water run while washing dishes.

DO install front-loading washing machines, which reduces water usage by about 40 percent.




DO use a self-closing nozzle on your hose.

DON'T water lawns during the heat of the day.

DO position your downspouts so rain water runs onto the lawn or into the garden, not down the driveway.

DON'T use water to clean sidewalks or driveways--sweep instead.

DO plant drought resistant trees/flowers and use mulch to keep the soil moist.




DO check your water meter or bill to see how much water you are using. A good rule of thumb is 50-60 gallons/day/person.

DO repair leaky faucets & turn taps off tightly. Slow drip waste 15-20 gallons/day.


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