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Emergency Services

Emergency Management Agency

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The Emergency Management Agency is the disaster staff to the County Commissioners during a major disaster. The Agency is also responsible to assist in developing mitigation plans to lesson the impact of disasters.

The Mission of the Bucks County Emergency Management Agency is to maintain an organization of government, industrial and volunteer agencies in a state of readiness and training to take immediate countermeasures to save lives, property, and alleviate human hardship and suffering under major disaster conditions.

We keep track of the chemical companies and the chemicals covered under federal SARA Title III Right to Know Act. We are the administrative branch and contact agency for the Local Emergency Planning Committee. Make contact with the office regarding questions about chemicals or chemical companies in Bucks County.

The Emergency Management Agency normal operation hours are Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. We develop and run disaster exercises to make sure everyone is prepared in the event of a real disaster. This agency goes to schools, and service groups to speak about emergency preparedness, for both natural and man made emergencies.

Staff Members:

George Wilson
Deputy EMC
H.I.R.T. Coordinator

Jeffrey Gouldey
Emergency Management Specialist

Ian Eppig
Operations & Training Officer

Ashley Isola
Emergency Planner

Beth Ann Sodano-Jones
Division Office Manager

Bucks County Emergency Preparedness Guide

Emergency Notification  - Ready Bucks

Post Flooding Information and Resources

Citizens' Emergency Personal Protection Guide

Bucks County LEPC

Emergency Management 
Audrey Kenny, ENP

Interim Director of Emergency Services
911 Freedom Way 
Ivyland, PA 18974 
Phone: 215-340-8700
Fax: 215-957-0765