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Emergency Services

Emergency Communications

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Department Information


Over 50 Years of Continuous Service to Our Bucks County Citizens!

The Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications was established on July 13, 1963 under the Bucks County District Attorney's Office to provide communications for county police departments. During the late 1970's Emergency Medical and Fire Communications services were added to the communications system. The 1980's brought the purchase of a computer-aided dispatch system used to improve the ability to process calls for service and unit status tracking. Improvements to the radio system and dispatcher training were made also.

In the 1990's we were able to implement many beneficial enhancements such as upgrading our CAD system, being the first suburban Philadelphia county to implement an Enhanced 9-1-1 system, beginning to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (life-saving medical caller interrogation and instructions), and upgrade the county's radio infrastructure, just to name a few. The new millennium brought to Bucks County a new and enhanced digital radio system for all EMS, Fire and Police Departments, Mobile Data Terminals and the inception of both Quality Assurance and Training divisions to improve employee skills.

Moving into the second decade of the new millennium, Bucks County continues to grow with technology with the addition to computerized mapping to assist our dispatchers is visualizing incident locations and enhanced cell phone locations. We are also exploring new technologies to enhance our operations and to comply with any local, Commonwealth or federal regulations.

From the communications center's inception Bucks County has continually met the needs of the quickly growing constituency and serves our county as a fully consolidated Enhanced 9-1-1 emergency communications system. With a trained dispatch staff of 125 (comprised of dispatchers, supervisors and managers), we currently provide emergency communications services for over 130 agencies (EMS, Fire and Police). Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications Center staff always strives to serve our customers, the citizens and emergency responders of Bucks County.


Contact Name Title Email
Todd Neumann Interim Director of 911 tpneumann@buckscounty.org
John Geib Deputy Director of 911 Operations jgeib@buckscounty.org
Fred Blunt Superintendent of Professional Development fcblunt@buckscounty.org
Patrick Duchesneau
CAD Coordinator
James Foran Radio System Administrator jforan@buckscounty.org
´╗┐Kristie Pugh QA Coordinator ´╗┐klpugh@buckscounty.org
Bryce Carmichael GIS Specialist

General Informational Phone Numbers

Administration Call Director System 215-340-8770
Administrative Office Fax 267-885-1323
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile Data 215-340-8782
Geo-File Coordination 215-340-8783
GIS/Mapping 215-340-8784
Radio Repair/Technology Division 215-345-3960
Records Requests 215-340-8790
Public Education/Tours 215-340-8785
Training/Recruitment Information 215-340-8786
Training/Public Education Fax 267-885-1322 

If you would like a walk-through of our communications center check out our Tours & 911 Basics page.

Department of Emergency Communications 
Todd Neumann
Interim Director of 911
Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications / 911 Center 
Bucks County Emergency Services Complex
911 Freedom Way
Ivyland, PA 18974
Phone: 215-340-8770 
Fax: 267-885-1323