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Community Services

Small Business Resources

Business Development

The Business Development Program helps coordinate the Commissioners' economic and business initiatives in cooperation and partnership with the various agencies and groups in the county. Through its programs, the Department seeks to create and maintain an economically vibrant, competitive, balanced, diversified, and attractive environment that is characterized by a high quality of life and opportunity.

The 2000 Small Business Conference asked the Bucks County Commissioners to develop a program to assist in the resolution of issues of interest to small businesses and build an environment more supportive of small business creation, attraction, and expansion. Based on this mandate, the Department acts as a resource to local organizations in targeting the removal of barriers impeding small business formation and entrepreneurship. Some of the numerous activities include small business advocacy, support of legislative initiatives, and helping improve coordination of initiatives and communication among various organizations in Bucks County, representing the small business community.

The Department assists county agencies and organizations with securing funding as part of an effort to enhance their resources and decision-making capacity. To this end, the Department tracks and provides information on potential funding sources, and helps prepare grant applications for submission to regional, state, or federal entities. Part of the department's mandate also involves the identification and development of new funding sources to support local economic initiatives.

The Department provides assistance with the development of revitalization of plans intended to improve the condition, image, and viability of business centers, eliminate blight, and increase business and job opportunities for local residents.

The Department provides assistance to local communities in the development of capital improvement programs to help pay for needed infrastructure. The department provides assistance in helping identify and access funding from potential sources.

Staff conducts periodic research on behalf of communities and county organizations regarding programs, and interpretation of rules and requirements. The Department also tracks information to help assess and measure local social and economic conditions.

The Department tracks and maintains databases with information about available programs and services throughout the county and the regions. The Department seeks to be an information resource to all of its clients.

The Department receives numerous inquiries for information on economic and business issues, particularly those relating to financing, site location, job training, and business assistance. The staff reviews these requests and, where appropriate, establishes contact with or refers the inquiry to the appropriate agency.