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What Will Be Expected During My Student Internship Placement?

When and where should I report? 

On the first day of your placement, report on time and to the location directed by the Student Intern Coordinator. The Student Intern Coordinator will establish an ongoing schedule introducing you to a variety of the day-to-day activities of the Probation Officer.

The Student Intern Coordinator is responsible for providing an overview of the Department and its process. He/She will be available to answer questions regarding your internship with the Department and will be responsible for the overall coordination of the placement experience.

2. What will be my work hours? 
The normal workday is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., although variations of these hours are frequently necessary to accommodate the needs of a particular case or caseload. At times, the officer to whom you are assigned may work other than normal work hours. These changes may be unexpected, particularly in an emergency or crisis. The student must be flexible for it may not be feasible to transport the student back to the office or meeting location at the planned time.

3. How should I dress? 
Projecting a professional image is essential. While in the office, males are expected to wear a coat and tie, while females should be neatly attired in a skirt and blouse, dress, or slacks. Extremes should be avoided. In the field, casual attire is permitted but should be neat, clean, and in good repair. Shorts are not appropriate for office or field.

4. What should I do if I am sick or unable to report? 
The student should immediately contact the Probation/Parole Officer Mentor to cancel any arrangements for that particular day. If unable to contact the Officer, the student should contact the office. Failure to do this can result in a great deal of wasted time for an officer who is waiting for a student to appear before proceeding with scheduled activities.

5. Should I have transportation available? 
All students accepted for placement should have transportation available because it may be necessary for the student to meet the officer at predetermined locations away from the office. The Student Intern Coordinator should be consulted regarding specific expectations in this regard.

6. What about conducting research and studies while on placement? 
The Department welcomes the objective examination of its efforts and is continually trying to find ways to improve its operations. The student is asked to follow Departmental policy and procedure in doing projects. The Student Intern Coordinator should be consulted before the initiation of any research or study.

The Department normally may assign a research project to a student during the internship. Such projects will be governed by the needs of the Department and capabilities of the student. All projects will be approved by the Deputy Chief Adult Probation and Parole Officer.

While case files and other client-related records are available for review by the student, they are to be used only for educational purposes. The Department is bound by strict rules of confidentiality and no information, written or verbal, may leave the Department without the specific approval of the Mentor or Coordinator.

Additionally, the student should not discuss specific cases and identifying data with anyone outside the Department, for such discussion could be damaging to the client.

7. What about evaluations? 
The Student Intern Coordinator and the Mentor will be responsible for completing all evaluations on your performance as required by your school.

8. What if there are problems, complaints or grievances? 
If problems are encountered in a particular placement, which cannot be resolved with the Student Intern Coordinator, these matters should be brought to the attention of the Chief or Deputy Chief Probation Officer. There will be an attempt to resolve the problem and/or bring the matter to the attention of the involved parties and make appropriate program modifications so future problems can be averted.

* Important *
Any Violation of process, policy, or regulations of the department will automatically result in termination from the practicum placement. A department or college inquiry shall not be necessary.

The department reserves the right to terminate the placement as deemed necessary.

At no time may the student intern refuse to do or complete assigned work without approval of the mentor or student intern coordinator.

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