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Local Rules

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Rule *940 Approval of Sureties

Unless otherwise provided by statute or rule of Court, sureties required at the commencement of actions or in the course thereof, shall be approved by the prothonotary, subject to review by the Court. No attorney, sheriff's officer, officer of the Court, or person concerned in the issue or execution of process, shall become bail except by written leave of the Court.

Rule *941 Individual Sureties

When other than corporate security is offered, the party offering it shall at the same time present an affidavit by the surety, in which shall be set forth the facts relied upon to justify the approval thereof.

Rule *942 Corporate Sureties

An application for the registration of a corporation as surety may be made by filing with the prothonotary a certificate from the Insurance Commissioner of Pennsylvania authorizing it to become surety, as provided by the Act of June 29, 1923, P.L. 943, and any supplements or successors to such legislation.