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Rule *280 Bills of Costs

(a) Bills of cost must contain the names of the witnesses, the dates of their attendance, the number of miles actually traveled by them and the place from which mileage is claimed. The bill shall be verified by the affidavit of the party filing it, or his agent or attorney, that the witnesses names were actually present in court, and that, in his opinion, they were material witnesses.

(b) Bills of costs for attendance of witnesses at court, either at law or in equity, when a cause is continued, tried or marked not reached, must be filed within ten days after the continuance, trial or failure to be reached, and a copy thereof served on the other party. In charging mileage for service of a subpoena, when two or more witnesses reside at the same place or in the same neighborhood, full mileage is not to be charged on each but full mileage to the nearest, and from that to the next, etc.

(c) The party upon whom a bill of costs has been served may, within four days thereafter, file exceptions thereto, and require that it be taxed by the prothonotary. A failure to file exceptions, and serve a copy thereof upon the adverse party within the four days shall be deemed a waiver of all objections to the bill filed. When collected on execution, or paid into court, the costs excepted to will be retained until the question is decided.

(d) Where exceptions have been filed, either party may give the prothonotary and the adverse party forty-eight hours notice of the time and place for such taxation.

(e) From the taxation by the prothonotary, either party may appeal to the court within four days, and not thereafter, upon filing with his notice of appeal and serving upon the adverse party a specification of the items to which he excepts and the reasons therefor.

(f) All other objections to claims for costs or to the recovery thereof by execution shall be made by rule to show cause.

Rule *285 Legal Periodical; Service By Publication

(a) Except as otherwise provided by Act of Assembly, rule or special order of Court, service by publication shall be made by publication once in the Bucks County Law Reporter and in one newspaper of general circulation within the county, meeting the requirements of law, in such manner that the person so served shall have at least five days after the publication thereof to act thereon.

(b) The Bucks County Law Reporter shall be the legal periodical for the publishing of legal advertisements required by law, rule or order of the Court. Every notice of advertisement required by law, rule or order of Court to be published in one or more newspapers published in the County of Bucks, unless dispensed with by special order of Court, shall also be published in the Bucks County Law Reporter. Whenever any notice including advertisements of judicial sales, writs, rules or orders whatever, shall be required by law, rule or order of the Court to be published in any newspaper in addition to the legal periodical, such additional publication shall be made in the newspaper or newspapers designated by the Court, by general rule or such special order as from time to time may be made. In all cases where no designation shall have been made or provided for by general rule or order of court, the plaintiff in the action, or party procuring the rule or order, or his attorney of record, may endorse upon his praecipe, petition or motion the additional newspaper or newspapers in which he desires the notice or advertisement to be inserted; whereupon, a special order designating the newspaper or newspapers named shall issue as of course; provided that unless cause be shown, only newspapers of general circulation within the county and meeting the requirements of law shall be so designated. The defendant or other party to the proceeding adversely affected, or other creditors, may apply to the Court, or a judge in vacation, to change the additional newspaper or newspapers so selected for publication upon cause shown. The designation of such additional newspaper or newspapers made by the parties may be disregarded and the order changed by the Court, or a judge in vacation, upon application, or of its own motion.

Rule *286 Notices; Service of Papers

(a) All notices shall be in writing.

(b) A copy of every paper filed, excepting accounts, unless otherwise provided by law or the rules of Court, shall be promptly served on the opposing side, as hereinafter provided.

(c) Except as otherwise provided by Act of Assembly, rule or special order of Court, whenever any process, paper or notice is required to be served upon a party, such service shall be made in accordance with the procedure set forth in Pa.R.C.P. 233 (editor's note: now Pa.R.C.P. 440 and 441), except that in an action begun by capias, service may also be made upon his bail.

Rule *287 Appeals to Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts - Duties of Attorneys

In all direct appeals to the Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts of Pennsylvania from orders or decrees of this Court, appellant's counsel shall, immediately upon taking the appeal, serve upon the judge of this Court from whose order or decree the appeal was taken, a concise statement of the matters complained of and intended to be argued on appeal, so that an appropriate opinion may be prepared.

Whenever an appeal is withdrawn by counsel, notice of such fact shall immediately be given to the judge from whose order or decree the appeal was taken, and to the court reporter and the court administrator.