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Rule *251 Motions and Rules

(a) A motion or rule shall be in writing and a copy thereof shall be served as provided by Pa.R.C.P. 233 (editor's note: now Pa.R.C.P. 440 and 441). Unless obviously self-apparent, the statute, a procedural rule or other authority for the motion or rule shall be cited in the supporting motion or petition.

(b) A stay of proceedings may be allowed only by order of the court, and shall not be allowed except after notice to counsel of record for the adverse party unless the court in its discretion shall determine otherwise by reason of extraordinary circumstance.

(c) If the relief sought depends entirely upon matters of record, a motion or rule may be entered as of course by filing with the prothonotary.

(d) If the relief sought depends upon any matter not of record, the motion or rule shall be founded upon a petition. A rule to show cause thereon may be allowed only by the court, unless otherwise provided by statute or rule of court.

(e) All averments in petitions on which rules to show cause have been granted may be taken as admitted for the purpose of the rule or citation unless an answer is filed thereto by the appropriate party.

Rule *254 Sessions of Jury Trials

(a) Except as provided in subsection (b), juries in those civil cases which are for trial by jury shall consist initially of eight members. Trial in such cases shall continue so long as at least six jurors remain in service. If the number of jurors falls below six, a mistrial shall be declared upon application by any party.

(b) Trial by a jury of twelve members rather than eight may be had if demand therefor, either by endorsement on a pleading or by a separate writing, be made by any party not later than twenty (20) days after service of the last permissible pleading.

Rule *256 Argument Courts

(a) Regular sessions of argument courts shall be held at such times as may be designated on the court calendar as published annually by the court. Special or adjourned sessions thereof may be held at such other times as the court may direct.

(b) The argument list shall consist only of cases requiring action by a Court en banc placed thereon pursuant to Bucks County Civil Rules 210*(a) and *(c) or *266(f), and Bucks County Criminal Rule 1123*(g) and shall be published and circulated by the court administrator on the fifth Friday immediately preceding the date fixed for the commencement of the argument court session.

(c) Applications for continuance and other matters relating to such argument list shall be submitted to the court administrator.

Rule *257 Specially Fixed Trials and Arguments

The court, in its discretion, upon motion of any party in interest or upon its own motion, may by special order fix the trial of particular equity cases, or cases to be tried by the court without a jury, or the argument of particular cases, at such times other than at the stated sessions schedules therefor as may be required by the exigencies of the situation and the engagement of the court; provided that at least fourteen days' notice thereof shall be given to all parties or their counsel of record unless such notice be waived in writing.