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Local Rules

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Rule 211*(A) Oral Arguments

At the discretion of the Court, argument may be held before a single judge in chambers or by telephone conference call. Public access must be provided to such argument sessions, but may be accomplished by the use of a telephone speaker. Telephone charges shall be billed directly to those parties or their counsel who do not participate in person.

Rule 216*(F) Application For Continuance

Except in cases of emergency or circumstances which could not reasonably have been ascertained or known prior thereto, no application for continuance of the trial of any case appearing on the trial list prepared and distributed pursuant to Rules *263 or *265 shall be granted unless presented in writing to the court administrator at least one week prior to the commencement of such trial list. Each application shall set forth the specific grounds for the request and shall also expressly state, after appropriate actual inquiry of all other counsel of record, whether the application is opposed.