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Rule *275 Money Paid Into Court

(a) Where it is appropriate that money be paid into Court, the Court on petition of any party or on its own motion may direct the same to be done. A petition for the payment of money into Court shall set forth the reasons for requesting such action and the exact amount to be paid. Notice of the presentation of such a petition shall be given in the manner set forth in these rules.

(b) All money paid into Court to abide its order shall be deposited in such incorporated bank or trust company as the court may designate, to the credit of the Court, in the particular case; and shall be drawn out only on order of the court, attested by the prothonotary; provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent a disposition of the money by agreement of the parties. A copy of this rule must be inserted in the bank book in which the deposits are inscribed. Upon application of a party in interest such money may, by special order of the court, be deposited at interest, which shall be added to the fund on distribution.