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Local Rules

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Orphan's Court Local Rules 

Rule 1.1A            Short Title and Citation

These rules shall be known as Bucks County Orphans’ Court Rules and shall be cited as Bucks County Orphans’ Court Rule  ___________.

Rule 1.5A            Local Rules

In all cases where there are no separate Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court Rules or Bucks County Orphans’ Court Rules, the Rules applicable to the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, including the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure, where applicable, shall apply.

Rule 1.6A            Mediation by Agreement, Local Rule, or Court Order

When the parties agree to mediation, or it is ordered by the court, the mediation shall be conducted by a mediator chosen from the list of certified mediators maintained by the clerk, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.  All proceedings by the court shall be stayed until the conclusion of the mediation.

Rule 1.7A            Entry and Withdrawal of Counsel

  1. Appearance

Every attorney in any proceeding shall enter their appearance in writing, noting thereon the date on which entered, or by endorsement on papers filed, and shall not withdraw the same without leave of court. The attorneys’ State Identification Number shall be included under their signature on all papers filed. The filing of papers by an attorney shall be an entry of appearance.

    2. Attorneys Not Eligible to Practice

The following persons shall not practice as an attorney before this court: the clerk of this court; the Orphans’ Court administrator; any law clerk of this court; the Register of Wills and the Sheriff of this county; the official stenographer; and persons otherwise prohibited, their assistants, deputies and clerks.

Rule 1.9A             Holidays and Emergencies

If an audit of account, a return day or any time fixed for performing any judicial or clerical function falls on a holiday, a Saturday, a Sunday, or on a day when circumstances result in an unforeseen or unexpected cessation of courthouse function, the next following day, not a holiday, a Saturday, or a Sunday shall be the day for the audit of account, the return day, or the time for the performance of the judicial or clerical function, unless otherwise provided by these Rules.