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Rule 1107.*1. Criminal Jury Selection; 27 MM 1993.

[SUSPENDED] Comment: The following rule was suspended January 26, 1994 until further order of the Supreme Court.

(a) The following questionnaire is to be completed and signed by all jurors upon their reporting for jury duty:

(b) Copies shall be provided to counsel and any unrepresented parties for use during voir dire. In the event that there are multiple parties, the trial judge will determine the distribution of copies.

(c) Upon the completion of voir dire, all copies of the questionnaire will be retained by the minute clerk, who will immediately destroy those questionnaires of jurors not selected to sit on the case to be tried and place the remaining copies in the case file.

(d) Fourteen (14) days after the verdict, the Clerk of Courts will destroy the remaining copies unless post-verdict motions challenging the jury selection process have been filed. 

Rule 1123*(f)-*(i). Post-Verdict Motions-Notice-Briefs-Argument.

*(f) A copy of a motion for new trial, in arrest of judgment or for discharge for insufficiency of evidence on the whole record shall be served forthwith upon the District Attorney. Notice of the fact of filing of the motion, together with a request that the stenographic notes of the evidence taken at the trial be transcribed and filed, shall be given to the trial judge together with a copy of the motion, and to the official court reporter and proof thereof shall be filed of record. The usual manner of documenting the notice and request shall be by the endorsement of acceptance of service thereof by the trial judge and the official court reporter respectively, noted upon the original motion before filing. Upon such request, the official court reporter shall transcribe and file the stenographic transcript and furnish a copy thereof to the defendant and to the District Attorney. The cost of such transcripts shall be at the expense of the county unless the Court shall provide otherwise pursuant to the Act of May 1, 1907, P.L. 135, P.L. 135 §2, as amended 17 P.S. 1802, or other applicable statute or rule. Additional reasons in support of said motion shall be filed within ten days after receipt of a copy of the stenographic transcript; a copy thereof shall be forthwith served upon the District Attorney and the trial judge.

*(g) Within 30 days after the filing of the stenographic transcript, unless the time is extended by the trial judge for cause shown, the defendant shall file his briefs with the clerk and forthwith serve a copy thereof upon the District Attorney. Failure to timely file his briefs may be regarded as an abandonment of the motion by defendant.

*(h) The reply briefs of the District Attorney shall be filed within 30 days after the filing of the defendant's briefs, unless the time is extended by the trial judge for cause shown.

*(i) Upon the filing of defendant's brief as aforesaid, the clerk shall forthwith place the case upon the argument list. If defendant has not filed his briefs within the time hereinabove specified, the District Attorney may order the matter on the argument list and proceed under Bucks County Civil Rule 210(c) the provisions and sanctions of which are hereby incorporated herein by reference.