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Rule *500. Deputy Constables.

(a) The approval by the Court of the appointment of a deputy constable will be considered only upon petition by the constable making the appointment, which petition shall set forth the following facts in numbered paragraphs:

(1) name and address of the petitioner;

(2) the name of the municipality in which petitioner was elected;

(3) the date of commencement and expiration of the term of office of the petitioner;

(4) the name and full address of the surety of petitioner and an averment that the surety had notice of the petition, to be evidenced by attaching to the petition an affidavit of service of notice of the intention to apply to the Court for approval of the appointment;

(5) the name, precise residence, election district, age, occupation, reputation and habits of sobriety of the person to be appointed deputy constable.

(6) a full statement of the necessity, facts and reasons for making the appointment;

(7) said petition shall conclude with a prayer for approval by the Court, in the usual form and shall be sworn to by the petitioner. Attached to the petition shall be an appointment order for the action of the Court.

(b) Attached to the petition shall be an affidavit by the proposed deputy setting forth that he accepts the appointment, whether or not he has ever been convicted of any crime, and, if so specify the full particulars thereof.

(c) At least ten (10) days prior to presentation of the petition, a copy of said petition together with notice of intended presentation shall be given to the District Attorney by certified mail, return receipt requested, which notice shall set forth the date of intended presentation. An affidavit of service of said notice shall be attached to the petition. 

Rule *501. Terms of Court.

There shall be four regular terms of Court, Criminal Division, annually, beginning respectively on the first Mondays of January, April and October and the fourth Monday of June. If such Monday shall be a holiday, the term shall begin on the next following day which is not a holiday.

Rule *502. Sessions of Jury Trials.

Regular sessions of criminal trials by jury shall be held during the several periods designated on the Court calendar as published annually by the Court. Special or adjourned sessions thereof may be held at such other times as will conform most conveniently to the business of the Court, the rules relating to the trial of cases, and the necessities of the occasion. 

Rule *503. Arguments.

Subject only to such modifications as may be required by the special provision of Pa.R.Crim.P. 1123, and Bucks County Criminal Rules 1123(d), (e), (f) and (g) relating to post-trial motions, the practice and procedure with respect to all matters of listing of arguments, form of briefs, filing of briefs, sanctions for failure to timely file briefs and oral arguments before a Court en banc shall be governed by Pa.R.C.P. 210 and Bucks County Civil Rules 210*(a), *(b), *(c), *(d) and *(e). 

Rule *504. Appeals to Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts - Duties of Attorneys.

In all direct appeals to the Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts of Pennsylvania from orders or decrees of this Court, appellant's counsel shall, immediately upon taking the appeal, serve upon the judge of this Court from whose order or decree the appeal was taken, a concise statement of the matters complained of and intended to be argued on appeal, so that an appropriate opinion may be prepared.

Immediately upon filing a brief or paper book with any appellate court, a copy thereof shall be served upon the judge of this Court from whose order or decree the appeal was taken.

Whenever an appeal is withdrawn by counsel, notice of such fact shall immediately be given to the judge from whose order or decree the appeal was taken.