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Administrative Order No. 38 Offender Supervision Fees

1. A probation supervision fee of $25 per month is hereby imposed on all probation and/or parole sentences where the defendant is placed under the supervision of the Bucks County Adult Probation Department on or after the effective date hereof. All dispositions of violations of probation/parole shall be governed by this order. All such fees shall be paid to the office of the Clerk of Courts of Bucks County.

2. Except upon special order of the sentencing judge, the following types of sentences are exempt from the probation supervision fee:

A. Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) (including summary cases);

B. Probation without verdict; and

C. Intermediate punishment.

3. On or after the effective date, any defendant transferred by another Court or jurisdiction for supervision in Bucks County shall be required to pay the sum of twenty-five ($25) per month to the Bucks County Clerk of Courts for those months that the defendant is under the supervision of the Bucks County Adult Probation Department.

4. An administrative supervision fee of $100 is imposed on all Accelerated Rehabilitative Dispositions and probations without verdict.

5. The clerk shall, by the tenth working day of each month, transfer 50 percent of the funds so collected to the Treasurer of Bucks County to be credited to Budget Account No. 01151 370 48, to be known as the Bucks County Offender Supervision Fund and to be allocated as may be directed by the President Judge. The balance of the funds so collected shall be remitted to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as required by law.