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Administrative Order No. 20 Pa. R.C.P. 4017(d) Filing Transcripts of Deposition

It appearing that shortage of space in which to store the records in the custody of the prothonotary of Bucks County is having a significant adverse impact on the ability to manage properly the records in his custody, and that records forwarded to the Court for action are frequently cluttered and unmanageable, this Administrative Order is adopted and is applicable to all pending cases.

Upon completion of the stenographic transcript of any deposition, the person before whom the deposition has been taken shall file with the prothonotary the following document only:

(a) A certificate stating the name(s) of the person(s) deposed, the total number of pages, the date, the time and place where the deposition was taken, the counsel present and the name of the counsel who has received the original and copies thereof.

2. The prothonotary shall promptly file the certificate and record its filing on the docket.

3. The attorney for the party ordering the deposition shall take custody of and be responsible for safeguarding the original deposition until the case is terminated or the deposition has been filed pursuant to paragraph 4 of this order.

4. The attorney having custody of the original deposition shall forthwith file the entire original deposition with the prothonotary;

(a) whenever any motion or objection comes before the Court which requires a review of the deposition; or

(b) whenever any motion for summary judgment is filed; or

(c) whenever an omnibus praecipe for trial or arbitration has been filed; or

(d) whenever so directed by the Court.