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Minor Judiciary

The Minor Judiciary in Bucks County is composed of 18 magisterial district courts located throughout Bucks County.  In addition to the 18 judges associated with these courts there are approximately 113 judicial clerk staff assigned to the various district courts.  District Court Administration provides general administration, management and logical support for the operations for the magisterial district courts and indirect supervision of the clerical staff.

District Court Administration prepares annual budgets for each magisterial district court to include staff salaries, benefits, supplies and services and capital expenditures for each district court.  Salaries for magisterial district judges are paid by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the magisterial district judge is an elected state official.  District Court Administration monitors revenue and controls expenditures for the 18 district courts.  They initiate all purchases, provide supplies, equipment and arrange for vendor services and maintain the inventory of assets.

The office is responsible for maintaining a viable cadre of tested and trained clerical staff for assignment to the district courts.  Training is provided on all dockets as well as special and on-call trainee sessions which are conducted throughout the calendar year.

The financial management unit within District Court Administration conducts procedural audits, attends all audit conferences and prepares replies to the County Controller, State Auditor General and Department of Revenue.  The financial management unit is responsible for internal control procedures, financial performance, banking, deposit analysis, reconciling, undisbursed funds and revenue analysis of collections.

Administrative assistance is provided to the magisterial district judges and senior magisterial district judges through preparation of court orders for on-call, vacation, continuing education, illness, recusal, hearing assignments, consolidation and reassignment of cases.  Additionally facility services are coordinated through this office for all changes in furniture, equipment, repairs, emergencies, signs, building functionality inclusive of lawn care and snow removal.

Bucks County Local Rules

Office hours 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Phone: 215-348-6025
Fax: 215-348-6503

Robert D. Pollock
Deputy Court Administrator, Minor Judiciary

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas
Bucks County Justice Center

100 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901