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Calendar Office - Civil and Criminal

This office is responsible for the management and distribution of the monthly court calendar, courtroom assignments and the scheduling of a variety of both criminal and civil proceedings listed below:

Criminal  Civil 
Criminal Arraignments
Probation/Parole Violations
ARD Court and ARD Violation Proceedings
Summary Appeals
Forfeiture Hearings
Criminal Miscellaneous Hearings
Children and Youth 
Non-Jury Trials
Equity Trials
Jury Trials
Date Certain Trials
License Suspension Appeals
Settlement Conferences
Civil Miscellaneous Hearings

2020 Bucks County Court Calendar Jury Trial Sessions/Dates 2020
2021 Bucks County Court Calendar  Jury Trial Sessions/Dates 2021
Online Civil Trial List:  http://sites.google.com/site/buckscourts 


Omnibus Trial / Arbitration Praecipe (Civil):  
Omnibus Praecipe for Arbitration, Hearing or Trial

In order to have a case listed for arbitration or trial, jury or non-jury, an Omnibus Praecipe will need to be filed with the Civil Prothonotary’s Office located on the 1st Floor of the Bucks County Justice Center.  Please be certain to complete the Omnibus Praecipe in its entirety, including all parties, represented and unrepresented, accurate and current contact information.  Failure to supply complete contact information, including email address, mailing address and current phone number will result in the Praecipe to be returned to you for correction and/or completion. Once the Calendar Office has received/accepted the Praecipe, the hearing or trial will be scheduled.  Accurate contact information is required for the Pre-trial Order to be mailed to all parties. 

Once the correct and complete Omnibus Praecipe has been filed, the case will be listed within 6-8 weeks.  Incorrect and incomplete praecipes will be returned to the filing party.  The case will not be listed until the corrected praecipe is returned.   

Estimated Length of proceeding:  The estimate of how long your requested proceeding will take to complete is required.  This information will assist our office when making all of the necessary provisions to accommodate the scheduling of all proceedings. 

General Civil Trial Listing:

Any party may certify a case as ready for trial in accordance with Bucks County Local Rule of Civil Procedure (“B.C.R.C.P.”) No. *261 (see above).  When a case is properly certified as ready for trial the Court Administrator lists the case on the general trial list.  Generally, cases will be called to trial 6-10 weeks after the date they are certified as ready for trial.  Each trial term lasts 1-2 weeks. 

Qualifications for Obtaining a Date Certain Trial Listing:

Parties may submit a request for a Date Certain Trial listing if all parties agree, the length of the trial is 5 or more days, and multiple experts and/or out of town witnesses are necessary and will be called.  Parties requesting a Date Certain Trial must enter into a Preliminary Date Certain Case Management Order (“Date Certain CMO”) in the form found at http://www.buckscounty.org/Courts/CourtAdministration/DateCertainTrials.  If the parties are unable to agree to the terms of a Date Certain CMO, the Court may sua sponte establish binding case deadlines pursuant to B.C.R.C.P. No. 212.8. 

After discovery is completed and the other conditions of the Date Certain CMO have been satisfied, in accordance with the Date Certain CMO, any party may file a Praecipe for a Date Certain Case Management Conference by completing and filing the form found at http://www.buckscounty.org/Courts/CourtAdministration/DateCertainTrials.  A courtesy copy of the filed Praecipe, along with a Date Certain Pre-Trial Conference Scheduling Order shall be submitted to the Chambers of the Honorable Robert O. Baldi and to the Office of the Court Administrator, Calendar. 

Upon receipt of the Praecipe and Scheduling Order a Pre-Trial Conference will be scheduled with a Judge.  If the presiding Judge approves the request for a Date Certain Trial, a trial date will be assigned following the Pre-Trial Conference. 

Continuance of a Date Certain Trial Listing:

Requests for continuance of a Date Certain Trial are ONLY considered when unavoidable and/or emergency situations arise. 

If a continuance request is denied, the parties may request that the matter be stricken from the scheduled Date Certain Trial listing.  The case will lose its Date Certain status and will only be listed on the general trial list upon the filing of an Omnibus Praecipe to list the case for trial pursuant to B.C.R.C.P. No. *261.  Please advise the Chambers of the Honorable Robert O. Baldi and the Office of the Court Administrator, Calendar, of any request to strike the Date Certain Trial listing as soon as possible so that the reserved date(s) can be made available to others requesting a Date Certain Trial listing.

If a case should settle prior to the scheduled Date Certain Trial listing, kindly notify the Chambers of the Honorable Robert O. Baldi and to the Office of the Court Administrator, Calendar, immediately for scheduling and other administrative purposes.

Criminal & Civil Continuance Request Procedure
Criminal Continuance Request Form

All continuance requests must be made in writing and must include the reason for the request, the position of all counsel, represented and unrepresented parties and the number of times this matter has been continued.  Continuances are only considered for good cause.  Agreement of both/all parties is not a valid reason for a continuance.  Continuances are not granted in order to complete video depositions.  Depositions are to be completed prior to the commencement of the trial session. 

When submitting a request for a continuance in a criminal matter, the position of the District Attorney must be obtained.  Attorneys must enter their appearance in the Clerk of Courts Office prior to submitting a request for a continuance.   Any request made by counsel who has not entered an appearance on behalf of a defendant seeking a continuance will NOT be considered.  The unrepresented defendant must appear at the scheduled event.  If the unrepresented party fails to appear, a Bench Warrant shall be issued. 

Please be advised that all continuance requests must be submitted no later than 2:00 PM the day prior to the scheduled event. Please submit any and all requests as soon as possible and try to avoid last minute requests.  When possible, please allow 24 hours for the Calendar Office to respond to your request. 

The deadline for requesting a continuance on a Summary Appeal matter is 1 week prior to the scheduled hearing.

All requests for continuances shall be submitted in writing to: 
Fax: 215-491-7658

Sherri A. Wohrle
Assistant Court Administrator - Calendar Office: Criminal & Civil
Bucks County Justice Center, 2nd Floor
100 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA  18901
Phone:  215-348-6040 - General Calendar Questions
Phone: 215-348-6877 - Criminal Calendar Matters
Phone: 215-340-8053 - Civil Calendar Matters

Office Hours:
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas
Bucks County Justice Center

100 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901