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The Office of the Prothonotary

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Prothonotary Forms

Prior to viewing available Court forms, you must be aware of the following disclaimer: 

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Social Security numbers and financial information (e.g. PINS) should not be listed.  If the identity of an account number must be established, list only the last four digits.  204 Pa. Code §§ 213.1 - 213.7.

Forms that are available for download on this website should not be considered legal advice, and are provided only for reference purposes.  To obtain legal advice and to insure the proper use of this material, you should contact a lawyer.

Administrative Order No. 48
AOPC Public Access Policy
Administrative Order No. 88
Certificate of Compliance
Confidential Document Form
Confidential Information Form
Request for Access
Request for Correction of Clerical Error
 Certificate of Service (instructions and form)
Civil Cover Sheet 
Claim for Exemption Form 
 Criminal Record/Abuse History Verification 
 Complaint in Confession of Judgment Requirements 
 Custody Contempt Petition  
 Custody Legal Application 
Custody Modification 
 Custody Order (Agreement)  
 Custody Relocation and Modification 
Defendant's Answer to Complaint  
 District Justice Judgment Filing Requirements 
 Family Court Pro Se Entry of Appearance  
 In Forma Pauperis Order - Civil Court 
 In Forma Pauperis Order - Family Court 
 Judgment Note Requirements 
License-Registration Suspension Appeal  
 Mediation Attorney List  
Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program 
Notice of Appeal of Arbitration Award 
Notice of Filing Judgment 
Notice to Defend  
Notice to Resume Prior Surname  
Omnibus Praecipe for Hearing, Trial or Argument 
 Order for Hearing (instructions and form) 
 Petition for Change of Name 
 Petition for Protection From Abuse 
Praecipe Entry and Withdraw App. 1012(b)(2)(i) 
Praecipe for Entry of Appearance 
Praecipe for Judgment of Non Pros 
Praecipe for Writ of Revival 
 Praecipe and Writ to Join Additional Defendant(s)
Praecipe for Summons 
Praecipe and power of attorney for satisfaction and/or termination 
Praecipe for writ of Certiorari 
Praecipe for Writ or Possession upon a Confessed Judgment - Real Property 
 Praecipe for Writ of Possession 
 Praecipe and Writ of Execution Money Judgement
 Praecipe and Writ of Execution Mortgage Foreclosure

 Praecipe to Change Address/Contact Information 
 Praecipe to Change Address - Family Court
 Retake Maiden Name Complaint Divorce
 Retake Maiden Name Final Divorce
 Rule to Show Cause (instructions and form)
Substitution of Counsel Without Leave of Court (Rule 1012(b)(2)(ii))
 Subpoena to Produce Documents of Things for Discovery Pursuant to Rule 4009.22
Subpoena to attend and testify 
 Transfer of Judgment Requirements 
 Vital Records Report (For Divorce/Annulment)
Waiver of Watchman
 Writ of Execution And/Or Attachment (Money Judgment)
Writ of execution notice

The Office of the Prothonotary 
Judith Reiss, Prothonotary
Patricia Zimmerman, First Deputy
Randall Flager, Esq., Solicitor

Bucks County Justice Center
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Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 
Phone: 215-348-6191 
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