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The Office of the Clerk of Courts

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College Internship Program

The Clerk of Courts Office continues its internship program each year.

Each intern is assigned to a certain area of the Clerk of Courts office to assist in the daily operations of the office and is given various projects to work on during their time here. They are scheduled throughout the summer to attend trials, hearings, accompany police officers and visit with other offices of the County. Allowing them to do this gives them the opportunity to be exposed to various aspects of the Criminal Justice System.

Summer Interns

Clerk of Courts Interns 2018

2018 Interns

The Clerk of Courts Internship was an amazing experience.  I was able to observe and meet Judges, FBI Agents and attorneys.  This was truly an unforgettable opportunity I would not be able to get anywhere else.
Brook  - Bucknell University, Class of 2020

This internship was filled with so many incredible opportunities that have helped me better understand the criminal justice system and its players.   I am leaving the Clerk of Courts with more knowledge and experiences than I ever thought I would obtain from an internship, and I wouldn’t trade this summer for the world.
Allyssa – University of Delaware, Class of 2019

This internship gave a holistic view of the justice system by affording me with countless opportunities to experience a mix of everything.   It was a great way to work in the courthouse while testing out many different aspects of the legal profession.  Everyone was so nice and welcoming – I will miss all of them.
Carolyn – Lafayette College, Class of 2021

Experiencing the different facets of the Bucks County Criminal Justice System is invaluable.  While working in the Clerk of Courts as an intern, I not only learned about the working environment in the Courthouse, but also had the capability of making many connections to mentors who I will keep with me throughout my years at college.   I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work in the Bucks County Clerk of Courts. 
Amanda – Elizabethtown College, Class of 2019

2017 Clerk of Courts Interns
2016 Clerk of Courts Interns

Interns 2015.

Clerk of Courts Interns, Summer 2014

Summer Internship Program, Clerk of Courts, 2013


Office of The Clerk of Courts
Mary K. Smithson, Clerk of Courts
Natalie Litchko , First Deputy
Allen Toadvine, Esq., Solicitor

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