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Emergency Services

Bucks County Public Safety / Police Training Center

The Bucks County Public Safety Training Center, located in Doylestown,  focuses on improving the safety of Bucks County. The training center provides approximately 90 courses of instruction a year for the law enforcement community in and around Bucks County.


During the Aug. 17 Commissioners’ Meeting at the 68th Annual Grange Fair in Wrightstown, Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia joined Public Safety Training Coordinator Rich Vona to launch a new public safety initiative. The public awareness campaign is entitled “SLOW” – which stands for Shut off engine; Lower window; Hands On wheel; and Wait for instructions.

Card for SLOW Initiative, to help citizens know what to do when being pulled over.The SLOW idea came to Commissioner Marseglia as she watched a State Police traffic stop near her Middletown Township residence. She noticed that the motorist didn’t seem to know what to do as the police approached and tried to get out of his vehicle. The idea also reflects a time of increased tension between public and law enforcement throughout our nation.

“We wanted to take a step to make sure people know what to do,” Commissioner Marseglia explained.

Business sized cards touting SLOW are available through County offices and local police departments. When you see lights behind you… A traffic stop almost always begins with a police car flashing its lights at you and, perhaps, giving you a short siren blast. Even if you’ve never been pulled over before, you need to know how to respond. You should:

Pull over to the curb and stop immediately. Even if you’re not being pulled over, you should always do this so that the officer can easily go around you and get to where they actually need to be. If you are being pulled over, stay there even if it seems unsafe to park. If the officer doesn’t like where you’re parked, they will instruct you where to move.

“One of the most common interactions is a traffic stop,” Mr. Vona said. “We see hundreds of them every day. We need cooperation from the public. We want individuals to know they should stay inside their car. That’s the safest place for them.”

The Police Training Center also administers the Bucks County Consortium, a collaborative hiring process employed by most of Bucks County's police departments. Any persons desiring to participate in the next testing should contact the training center.

Various other public safety/training aspects are:

  • Meets the state Mandatory In-Service training requirements established by the Municipal Police Officers Training Commission.
  • Provides instruction to over 2500 registered students which translates to over 40,000 training contact hours.
  • Oversees grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission; and the Department of Justice.
  • Works in conjunction with Temple University in the Basic Police Academy Program (Act 120).
  • Works in conjunction with Bucks County Community College training, educating and now offering certain degrees.
  • County’s DUI Enforcement Program.
  • Bucks County Highway Safety Program.
  • Bucks County Heroes Scholarship Fund.

Bucks County Public Safety Committee

Bucks County Police Training Courses Spring 2016 (Document view-able only to sworn law enforcement personnel)

For more information on any classes or programs offered by the Bucks County Public Safety/Police Training Center call 215-340-8410.

Bucks County Public Safety/Police Training Center
Richard L. Vona, Director, Law Enforcement Training
1760 S. Easton Rd
Doylestown, PA 18901
Fax: 215-343-6794