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Consumer Protection

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Consumer Protection News
Office Location:
The Almshouse
1260 Almshouse Rd., 4th Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901

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Credit Freeze - Using a Credit Freeze to restrict access to your credit report - Michael Bannon on Comcast Newsmakers, November 30, 2017

Weights & Measures Inspects to Protect you,
NBC10 Investigates - May 2017

Tech Support Scams - Michael Bannon on Comcast Newsmakers - February 2017

The Almshouse

Troubleshooter -
February 2017: "You Owe the IRS $$$" Scam

Speaker/Presentation Request Form  (Please mail or fax back using
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If you have a question or concern for our
Consumer Investigators, please email us at: consumerprotection@buckscounty.org

The mission of the Bucks County Office of Consumer Protection/Weights and Measures is to create and keep a fair and equitable marketplace for consumers as well as businesses. From home improvement issues to mulch deliveries, from rebates to home oil deliveries, we cover it.

We conduct mediation of all consumer complaints against businesses, whether in or out of Bucks County. The department also performs investigation and coordination of complaints with other enforcement agencies for possible criminal action.

The Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures Department exists to protect your rights as a consumer by providing valuable information about the laws that govern how businesses conduct themselves and by advocating for your rights when needed.

From the Director
As the Director of this unique and diverse department, it is an honor to serve all residents of Bucks County.

Helping people find solutions to difficult situations is the agency's specialty. Problems may include faulty products; incomplete or unsatisfactory home repairs; statements that goods and services are of a particular standard, quality, style or model when they are not; mail order and telemarketing problems; the advertising of goods and services without intent to sell or sell as advertised; false statements that services, parts, or repairs are needed; guarantees or warranties which do not honor a product or service; violations of landlord-tenant law, mobile home park laws, or security deposits; weighing, measuring, and timing devices at service stations and stores; any commodity which appears to be short weight.

Our office receives over 12,000 consumer calls yearly, and we are available to participate in events or supply speakers to any organizations that would be interested in learning more about what the Office of Consumer Protection, Weights and Measures can do for them.

Our competent staff members are available to answer your consumer questions, concerns or comments. We are committed to maintaining a fair marketplace for Bucks County consumers and businesses alike.

Michael Bannon 
Bucks County Consumer Advocate 
and Chief Sealer

Department of Consumer Protection / Weights and Measures 
Michael D. Bannon, 
The Almshouse Building
1260 Almshouse Rd., 4th Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-348-6060 or 1-800-942-2669
Fax: 267-885-1420
email: consumerprotection@buckscounty.org