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Office of the Court Reporters
Seventh Judicial District of Pennsylvania
100 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA  18901
Tel:  215-348-6715
Fax:  215-348-6503
email:  kmbray@co.bucks.pa.us
The Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County employs 21 full-time Official Court Reporters.  The reporters are assigned to courtrooms to record testimony, argument or other spoken presentations heard by Common Pleas judges throughout the Seventh Judicial District.

Investing in their personal computerized stenotype machines, the Official Court Reporters utilize Computer Aided Transcription (CAT), the standard of accuracy for a record on appeal, to create transcripts.  The verbatim testimony of the court proceeding is recorded by the Official Reporter in criminal and civil proceedings.  Once transcribed, the court reporter certifies the accuracy of transcriptions.

A number of Official Reporters have been additionally certified in producing “real time” transcripts which is the immediate transcription of the verbatim testimony being taken in the courtroom.  The simultaneous transcription is used to assist hearing-impaired individuals in the courtroom by immediately providing testimony on a computer screen.

Directory Of The Bucks County Official Court Reporters

To Order A Transcript Of A Proceeding
Contact the Official Court Reporter directly who was at your proceeding.  The reporter will send you a Transcript Order Form indicating the estimated cost of your transcript and any required deposit.

Please note that a transcript is not considered ordered until the completed Transcript Order Form and any required deposit is received.

If you are unsure of which court reporter covered the proceeding, contact the Office of the Supervisory Court Reporter by telephone or email:
Office of the Supervisory Court Reporter
Kathryn M. Bray, Official Court Reporter 
100 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA  18901

It is necessary for you to provide the exact date of the hearing, the name of the presiding judge, the name of the case and/or the defendant’s name, and your contact information.  We cannot assist you without the above information.  

How to Order a Transcript of A Court Proceeding

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas
Bucks County Justice Center

100 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901